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[Ameli] Step Basic Single Eyeshadow

[Ameli] Step Basic Single Eyeshadow

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This is an orange that can be applied together with any color. It blends well making it easy for application. The color adjusts to the paired color as it is not an overpowering orange.

Perfect for shading! "Brown for blusher"
Naturally shadowed brown! We introduce Ameli Step Basic eye shadow 245 Shading Brown. Shading Brown is a eye shadow product that is the renewal of the discontinued Shiny Blusher 01B brown. It is natural on both your eyes and cheeks, it also is a brown with a red hue that has moderate depth, thus matches Asians skin tones smoothly. This product is perfect for when you wish to heighten your nose or give shadows on the outside of your face and hairline.

Without any pink "A real tangerine shadow"
Ameli's eye shadow are famous as a multi item that can be used as a blusher? Let us introduce one of the most popular products used as a base among the eye shadow line. Step Basic 019 Orange Mango. It is a real tangerine color that is made of a yellow base without pearls, not pink or coral. It doesn't flame or become red no matter how much you apply it, thus it is loved as a blusher. If you want a cheerful lively appearing orange color choose this!

A tone downed orange with moderate weight. "Real pumpkin orange"
If you are looking for a heavy untransparent orange instead of a clear orange, meet Step Basic 240 Pumpkin Orange! Red clay colored yellow and orange mixed together naturally blend in naturally with asians skin. The powdery and non-transparent texture with almost no neon light s charming. Above all, being able to show a natural color after blending with other colors is Pumpkin Orange's biggest charm!

Just moderate enough! A color needed here and there! "A common brown"
If you are looking for a moderate brown that is not too bright or dark, and can be used on all your face, and blends in with all brown colors, Step Basic 239 Chestnut is the answer. It is the typical brown most people think of when they here the word 'brown.' It is also easy to use. It is less red than 231 My Small Face, and less dark thus it is great to use for shading your underline shadows, eyebrows or eye line, or even deepening your eye lids.

Orange hidden within beige! "A skin toned shadow like yogurt"
If you need a bright skin tone base that makes you look younger, watch Step Basic's new product 236 Yogurt carefully! Unlike the original natural skin tone bases the milky orange that appears the thicker you apply it is this colors charm! When used with apricot, or orange shadow it will enhance your soft and innocent appearance! When used as a blusher the color delicately shows, thus making you appear more attractive.

Make your nose stand out, fill your eyebrows and shade, "A soft brown mixed with slight red!"
If you needed a brown color that blends naturally with your skin without pearls, we recommend Step Basic 231 My Small Face! No matter how you apply it, this shadow calmly shades the places you need with your own shadow. It is not a dull shadow for sure. A perfect brown! Perfect shading! Perfect red hue! My Small Face especially forms a soft gradation that makes you look as if you haven't applied eye shadow, yet maintains your shading lively. The fact that the slight red hue makes your skin surprisingly natural and lively is a secret only you can know!

Flames when you apply it, if you spread it a delicate coral color shows “Definitely unsophisticated explicit orange"
The sour taste that comes up whenever you think of a grapefruit! Would you believe that you can feel the sour taste of grapefruits in a color? Step Basic 230 Plastic Grapefruit is that color It is a orange color when you apply it, however if you spread it tenderly a soft coral color emerges along with a sour taste! If you apply this special color thickly a yellow hue also emerges! It is perfect to use as a final point for shading makeup. If you use it with brown colors it gives an elegant impression, if you spread it slightly a soft coral color emerges to give a innocent impression. It is for both shadows and blusher, use it diversly!

The essential "Definite brown shadow"
A dark brown that is used the most amongst all eye shadows, Step Basic 226 Sepia is a special color that has been made to match all colors. This color that is not red nor black was made to match Koreans brown eyes and yellow skin perfectly. A color like your skin that shows natural shades when you apply it lightly around your eyes, and when applied thickly modifies your eye shadows without standing out. 226 Sepia! It is an essential color that you have no option but to use everyday!

Essential at a time, "Yellowish brown"
There are colors you don't use all the time, but sometimes are needed? The moderate toned yellowish brown eye shadow without pearls, Step Basic 225 Nut Brown is exactly that color. There are not many times to use it individually, however this useful color can be used anytime, anywhere you put on makeup! When you spread the front of your eyebrows use a little, when you shade your eye lids use it slightly with a base shadow! Wherever it is used, the moderate tone of yellow, Nut Brown without pearls is a essential color that will make a moderate tone for you anytime!

Not to dark, not to light. "Just like my skin!"
If you have been looking for a color that is like your skin and isn't rich or bright, and doesn't need shadows, this color is for you! The honest name Step Basic 224 Real Skin. The clean and perfect basic skin tone that is honest without pearls, not too dark or bright is charming! When you apply it individually you can express an innocent bare face makeup. When mixed with other colors this color naturally connects the shades. The color you wished was just like your skin? Real Skin is the answer!

An honest color that can become the base for all pink colors! "Slightly pink skin color"
A calm skin color without yellow, Step Basic 222 Cocoa Beige is a soft skin color that has a warm pink hidden within it. This color which shows a still delicate cocoa color, was completed by Ameli's special mixing to match Koreans skin color in order to prevent from looking swollen when applied. It is brighter than a moderate tone, and the color that is identical to your skin tone is it's feature. The base compatibility of Cocoa Beige's from pink shadows to any other colors is praiseworthy.

Natural shades that do not become to dark no matter how much you apply it! "The miraculous meeting of light and shadows"
Find the read shading brown that keeps balance between eye makeup! If you want a skin tone that is slightly tanned, Step Basic 220 Feel So Brown is for you! A pleasant moderate brown that is not too red or dull is blended with a transparent gold, thus you will be able to feel a natural shine and soft shadows. Sometimes use it with thick and dark shadows, other times use it with bright shadows! No matter what tone it blends in with, it will keeps balance.

A surprising color that turns into skin color the moment you apply it! "A skin color perfect for base" The basic we have been looking for! A skin color with yellow that naturally shows on Koreans’ skin, meet Step Basics 218 Vanilla Skin! Unlike other beige colors it is a lively basic shadow that matches all kinds of shading shadows! The best item when you want to appear as if you haven't applied anything! You may think 'Did I apply something? Does it not stand out?'. However when you apply it you will see your skin cleaned neatly! You will see the difference in your face.

When black eyeliner seems like too much! "Dark gray brown"
Step Basic 217 Charcoal Brown which is a dark gray brown, is the darkest brown you can make. This classic smoky color can be used for all uses, such as eyebrows, eye liner, shading, or point smoky. Especially when you think black eye line is too much, through this shadow you can express unique eyes. It has Step Basics special texture that gradations naturally without pearls and shows a deep concentration the more you apply it. It is a universal brown that matches asian eyes, brown, and pink colors.

Remove the red and add fine shining gold dust! "Calm yet not dull brown"
Cinnamon Dust that looks smoky at a glance is hiding a mysterious pearl deep within. With a sparkle that doesn't stand out, and the natural lack of red maintains a moderate brightness no matter how many times you apply it. This color is great when you wish to apply a brown color thickly without the color becoming muddy. Whether on your eyebrow or eye lid, eye line, or hair line, this special color will naturally blend in no matter where you apply it.

243 Macaron Gray
Sweet and warm gray! "Calm beige colored taupe shade!
The new product of Ameli Step Basic eye shadow 243 Macaron Gray is a soft gray eyes shadow with calm beige blended inside of it. It has a warm color just like its name, thus it matches asians yellow skin naturally. It is easy to blend with other colors even though it is a gray color! It does not become dull no matter how many times you apply it. The more you apply it the color blooms like a mist and expresses a mellow, soft atmosphere. When you wish to express a light smoky, or give a innocent urban impression, use this product!

The layering petals of ranunculus blooms into a beautiful flower. This is a subtle coral pink that is good for base color. It's a coral pink that looks like it may smell like baby powder.

A warm tone downed red color "A powdery, slightly bleached wine color!"
Have you been searching for a vintage red color? Then pay attention to Step Basic 244 Vintage Valentine. Though it is a red color, it is not intense or fancy. A faded wine color, delicate coral color, and calm rose color are combined in this color, the powdery texture is it's feature. It softly spreads without shine and shows a faint complexion, thus it is also perfect for blusher! Vintage Valentine is popular because it gives both your eyes and cheeks a innocent impression. If you though pink or red is too much, we recommend this color!

A perfect soft color to use for blusher! "Slightly blushing innocent cheek"
The apricot color Step Basic 237 Salmon Glow has been renewed into a more innocent color! This charming product shows a pink color when you apply it at first, the more you apply it an apricot color emerges thus you can see a new color. You will be able to confirm a the delicate change of color when you use Salmon Glow as a Blusher. Salmon Glow makes your cheeks look cute as if they are slightly blushing! You can use it on both your eyes and cheeks, thus it is perfect to use when you wish to express a innocent girl-like appearance.

A vintage rose color that seems slightly bleached! "Tender soft and innocent pink"
A special pink that doesn't become a red color no matter how many times you apply it! Step Basic 219 Ballerina is a pink color that has a honest texture without pearls. A vintage color that seems slightly bleached is Ballerina's outstanding feature. Ballerina is toned down by the calm rose color that is blended with milky white, however it is not dull and shows its surface color exactly. Especially all types of skins, including cool tone and warm tones is Ballerina's source of pride!

The perfect unition of coral and pink "Tender apricot color with pink!"
Is there no coral color that matches Korean women's facial color? The coral color we have been searching for! It is here, Step Basic 229 Salmon Pink. The mix of soft pink and apricot softly covers around your eyes. The feeling of a warm mist that softly blooms the more you apply it is more than attractive and gives an innocent impression. It is the best color that is called the truth of salmon colors.


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